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Thread: Ryanair flight FR1261 Birmingham to Grenoble (17 pics)

  1. Default Ryanair flight FR1261 Birmingham to Grenoble (17 pics)

    Hope you're all having a great Saturday!

    Welcome aboard this winter ski charter flight from my home airport to Grenoble. Ryanair are operating a lot more flights from BHX these days and this is one of them!

    Hope you enjoy - comments always welcome!

    1) We push back from terminal 2 for our departure slot time of 13:55...

    2) Engine start and selecting flaps 5 for take off...

    3) Taxi out to runway 15...

    4) Take off and starting our Daventry 2 echo standard instrument departure...

    5) Climb to FL60...

    6) And into the clouds

    7) Passing above Silverstone Formula one circuit near Northampton...

    8) Now over London, you can see Heathrow!

    9) Sprawling London!

    10) Over southern England...

    The rest in the reply...
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    11) As we fly over the English Channel we reach our cruise level of FL350...

    12) It's cloudy over France!

    13) Now approaching our destination and in the descent...

    14) Heading for an ILS runway 9 arrival...

    15) Not much snow around is there?!

    16) Safely down at this little airport...

    17) Well enjoy your skiing trip if you can find any snow folks!!

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    Another exceptional post Andrew. A pleasure to scroll through these shots.

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    Brilliant post mate, fantastic looking shots.

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    Thanks Simon, thanks Asad. Nice of you to stop by!

    I was a bit annoyed with all the jaggies on these. Don't normally have such a problem. Must be the livery - the yellow stripe!

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    Default still great

    I noticed that it wasn't up to your usual excellence. It looked like something from my computer, but hey I thought they were still great none the less. Thanks.
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    Great shots of a nice charter flight!! But I bet the skiers wont be too happy
    Best Regards

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    Much thanks for these awesome shots, Andrew!

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    Andrew, perfect flight and pics again, I enjoyed them very much

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    Very well done Andrew!

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