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    Pensacola NAS to the Shuttle launch facility at Titusville Fla. Once in a while I feel the need for speed!
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    the F-14 is such an awesome plane! i love the livery too! awesome shots!
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    Looks like fun to me! Faster, faster, faster! Got this hedge-hopping sortie that is done with a good fast one. Good practice for focus, imo. Nice pics!
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    Love the Blue Angels! And the F-14 it stops in muscle! Nice Pics!
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    Excellent set of shots Gary.

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    Smokin' set of shots Gary! Lookin' good sir.
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    Sleak machine Gary, great shots would love to see the Blue's at a show on day..!
    Best regards, Steve / Dc10 man / UK.

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    It aint my favorite jet, but it's up there. It's the only jet I have been able to use to successfully fly all the way thru the Grand Canyon and that was cool.

    Thanks for sharing.
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    I remember as a kid I used to be fascinated with the Blue Angels. Now that I live in Pensacola, I have found myself annoyed that I cant hear my cell phone over the sound of 10 jet engines screaming overhead 2-3 times a week. Then I read a forum like this a I remember how lucky I am to live here, with the Naval Aviation Museum and the Blues. Great set of shots.
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    Looks Like Mission Accomplished to me!! Well Done!!



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