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Thread: Flight Sim X Acceleration Expansion pack

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    Default Flight Sim X Acceleration Expansion pack

    Heard mixed view on it. Is it really worth it? What caught my eye was the EH101 as I'd really like a very good sim of that, especially in the RAF livery. Any good? Or can I do better with a seperate EH101 add on (which I can't find by the way)?


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    In my opinion it's well worth the twenty bucks you now have to pay.
    Bob G.

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    DEFINITELY worth it. All the extra missions and planes make it more enjoyable. About the EH101, can't comment on quality as I have no experience with addons, much less can I even land the thing!!!

    Be advised though, you must have a decent video card to pass minimum requirements. I didn't know at first when I bought it (had no card at all to begin with, don't ask what my frame rates were!!).

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    The Acceleration Disk is much more then just added Missions and Planes.

    Many airport designers that use ADE also have available too them over 700 additional sceneryObjects that are part of the Acceleration install that were not part of the original FSX or the SP1 update. What that means is, if I use the new light poles on airport ramps that project ground light which is part of the sceneryObjects in the Acceleration pack, any User that does not have Acceleration will not see these type light poles.

    If I add and use in the design of a AFCAD style ADE enhanced airport many of the 700 additional scenery objects that ACES added to the Acceleration pack, they can only be seen if the User has purchased and installed the Accel pack.

    Acceleration pack is not just about missions and planes but also default enhanced airport scenery, newer buildings, additional animated people, NASA, ships/boat traffic, Autogen and much more. Just because you are SP1 or SDK SP2 updated does not mean you are Acceleration updated in the area of airport enhanced scenery design.

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    It was and is worth it to me. Every time I feel a little stressed I hop in the FA-18 at Edwards AFB and go see how much fuel I can burn off in the shortest amount of time!

    The FA-18 is nice, but Edwards AFB by itself was worth the $$$. Reno-Stead airport gets a makeover. And there's more scenery that's been upgraded, but TBH I haven't checked it.

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