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Thread: A36 Problem

  1. Angry A36 Problem

    Hello fellow simmers. After installing the A36 (from the wrapper) and attempting my first flight with it, I get a crash to desktop without an error message after hitting the fly now button. I had previously formated Windows and reinstalled FS2004 9.1. I then ensured the Garmin trainer was installed and working.

    Attempting to troubleshoot the problem on my own I commented out all of the realityXP guage lines in panel.cfg. This allowed the aircraft to load but with none of the guages functional.

    My system configuration is WindowsXP SP3, 1GB RAM, 2.6 GHhz Pentium 4, Nvidia GeForce 7600 GS (512 MB)
    This problem sounded similar too mine, but I was unable to locate the serveice module mentioned in the post.
    Any Sugestions?

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    Post your question at the link below and see if you get an answer.
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    Hi Tod,

    One of your problems is trying to start FS2004 with the (complex) Bonanza. Ideally you should always start up with the default Cessna as it minimizes the "extra load", then, when FS2004 has fully loaded and is stable you can load the Bonanza.

    Try this alternative method and see if you solve the problem.


    AOPA #04634067

  4. Lightbulb

    Thank you both for your replay. Alastair, I have tried loading the A36 after I load the default cessna/seatle flight. I still get a crash to the desktop. The processes tab in task manager is still reporting fs9 as running, however the applications tab is not. Do you supose it could be relatated to the trainer running in the WOW/ntvdm enviroment? Isn't there a way to set that up so the trainer will run in its own protected memory space?

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