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Thread: Spanish Eurofighter Typhoon Display @ RAF Coningsby

  1. Default Spanish Eurofighter Typhoon Display @ RAF Coningsby

    Sort of a tribute to our Spanish friend who has been giving us all tributes for the past few days! Having a quick break from my world tour to have a wizz around in this. Hope you enjoy the pics:

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    Thumbs up Typhoon

    Sweet looking Eurofighter Andrew,Like the Inverted shots!

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    Even if I'm not into the Military Stuff I enjoyed these Pics very much Andrew, because the Eurofighter is the one I like the most even if I got less interest in that... And you Pictures are so sharp and nice!
    Cheers! Florian

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    great stuff my friend! #7 gets my patented "frameable" award!
    Phil Colvin

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    A lot of thanks, your mesh is really incredible!!

    Spain has this planes?

    I thought that spanish army was a joke . Seriously, Im happy with your dedication, more english dedications arriving to this forum soon.

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    Thank you all!

    Jorge, you may not have seen any of my posts using the UK VFR Scenery. Brilliant as tileproxy looks, it will not run on my computer without messing everything up. Anyway, I have this amazing VFR scenery for the whole of the UK instead.

    I use it in all my UK based posts. And unlike tileproxy, there are no blank squares, the resolution remains the same all the time it is all colour matched
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    And since you mentioned my scenery, I like to use this unedited shot to show what can be achieved in FS, even without tile proxy! I have millions more shots of this scenery on the computer - if you'd like to see more just ask.

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    Very good, is incredible!! I remember a VFR of Spain very similar. Some people of my old forum have this wonderful packages, but you need a very fast p.c . I dont know How spanish people can buy pc with 4gb of RAM and 8800 ultra graphic card , I envy them

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    I understand what you mean! We can't all afford the new computer!

    I also envy people who can run Tileproxy!!!!

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