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Thread: Old flight...From Zurich to Bucarest

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    Default Old flight...From Zurich to Bucarest

    This flight I did before my collection the flights of Madrid Barajas and the quality perhaps is worse than the others flights because I put this flight in another forum with low pixels.

    Ok, I start with the flight, enjoy it!

    Parked in Zurich

    Ready to take off

    In the skies

    Cruising the Switzerland Alps

    In the cruise between Zurich and Bucarest

    ILS aproach. to Bucarest Otopeni Intl. airport

    Light touchdown as I like

    Parked in Bucarest Otopeni Intl. Airport

    Thanks for watching!

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    Fantastic shots my friend! Love the aircraft and scenery, they go very well together.

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    Top quality post Jorge.

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    Default Cold

    It looks cold out there. Thanks for the shots they are great.


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    Thanks for your replies. Northamerican friend, is really dificult to transmit the cold sensation with flight simulator without resort to mountings like photoshop or this programs. One of the best airport scenery that transmit this sensation is Sheremetyevo from global Moscow scenery. I use avsim mesh that looks pretty.

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