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Thread: Thai Airways flight 322 Dhaka-Bangkok

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    Default Thai Airways flight 322 Dhaka-Bangkok

    Now here it is, leg 10 of my world tour: It's Thai Airways International flight TG322 from Dhaka Zia Intl. to Bangkok Suvarnabhumi
    Takeoff at Dhaka...the weather looks much better today

    We want to reach FL 326

    Cruising at FL 326 above Burma...

    We reach Suvarnabhumi...

    Taxiing to the gate

    Leg 11 will be a very very very short flight from Bangkok Suvarnabhumi to Bangkok Don Muang ( The former Internatioal Airport, now used for domestic flights and low cost flights ). Leg 12 will be a domestic flight from Bangkok Don Muang to Phuket.

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    Excellent post. Nice colours on that big bird.

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    Great again! I really like the A330, wonderful Plane, and Thai Colors rock!
    Cheers! Florian

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    I like the a330 too. Nice shots thanks for posting!

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