Version 1.10 is available !!

This version brings Enhanced FSX Compatibility. Aside, several new features are included:

- Aircraft position (coordinates and distance to RWY) is logged and can be plotted.
- Option to start logging automatically when descending below 3,500 ft.
- Added PLOT against distance to RWY.
- Added Approach Profile PLOTS.
- Situation LOAD/SAVE added. Share your preferred and most challenging approaches with fellow pilots !
- PDF reports of approaches can be generated.
- Several bugs fixed.

Coming next is the implementation of the 737 features !!

This utility is meant to assist Home Cockpit Builders using FS2004. Also many features are available for Project Magenta users (pmSystems, Glass Cockpit, MCDU, FCU). Compatible with all types of aircraft! It is also a great tool for any simmers who want to control the flight simulator externally.

The “Instructor Station” allows you to set your aircraft on an approach to a runway of your choice under any weather conditions, start-up and shutdown your network computers (fully customizable), program or set an aircraft systems failure at any moment, calculate the amount of fuel required for your trip and load it to the aircraft, record the performance of your flight (landings, take-offs, etc.) and plot it graphically, and many other things!

If you already own Project Magenta's Instructor Station, you will probably not get much more features with this tool. However, if looking for a simpler and less processor consuming application, you may find this program to be very useful.

Try the DEMO !