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Thread: ?iFLY747-problem

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    Cool ?iFLY747-problem

    hi everyone i recently bought a new pc- high end-i downloaded the ifly747 for FSX followed all directions tried reinstall etc -and still class cockpit displays are off also the FMC.tried also to shut down engines restart didnt work downloaded the GDI-PLUS didnt work also looked for an avianics switch didnt see one -so all displays are dark or off can anyone help thanks!

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    I'm not familiar with this model as I fly the PMDG 747-400. But let me ask the following: does the aircraft start up cold and dark? If so, are you establishing electrical power? Is there a manual that gives you all the procedures to diagnose this?

    Also, some add-ons don't always perform properly if they are the first one loaded upon starting FS. Try loading a default airplane at a default airport, then changing aircraft.


    Alex M.

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