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Thread: Problem propeller texture in FSX

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    Default Problem propeller texture in FSX

    Good day
    I recently downloaded several FS9 Aircraft into FSX using the directions from the forum here and elsewhere. I loaded the Hughes 500 as its a great aircraft. I followed the instructions, the aircraft works fine except the propeller textures are either solid or when clouds are in the background, transparent. I previously downloaded the constellation which has been modified for FSX with a self installer. That worked fine. What is interesting is after downloading and installing the Howard 500, now the constellation has the same problems--propeller being solid or opaque when in front of clouds and some background buildings.

    I checked other forums, seems its a possible texture problem?

    I'm running a duo core, 3.14 ghz, 3 gb memory with a Nvidia GE force 7600 512 mb Vista.

    Any ideas? FSX aircraft are fine.


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    The problem is SP2. Some FS9 textures, like the prop, aren't fully compatible. One thing you can do is check for a fix from that author. Search out his name and plane on Avsim or Flightsim and look for a prop fix. The other way would be to replace the offending prop with a prop from another aircraft that is compatible.

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    Default prop fix

    Thanks Mike, that reminded me I had installed SP 2 recently since I had downloaded the Connie...I'll try your suggestion.

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    No problem. And in the meantime, I downloaded the Howard, installed it and began to do some experimenting. I've been wanting to figure out how to fix that pesky prop problem for a while.
    I did a search on this forum and came up with this,
    So far, I've made the spinning solid prop go away, I mean gone. There is no prop at all. LOL
    At a standstill with engines off, the props are still there so I figure it's just a matter of finding the right prop and sticking it in. Check out the thread and good luck.

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    Default Prop fix 2

    Great link, thanks Mike!

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