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Thread: cd install problems please help

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    Default cd install problems please help

    Hi There,

    Am having issues at the moment trying to reinstall my aircraft addons Wilco 737 and Just Flight 777. When autorun kicks in and displays welcome page i hit install and it minimises to desktop with a preview taskbar at the bottom then nothing. I can utilise all the other addons on the disk except the the actual install software

    Has anyone had any issues like this as this is a new one on me. Is it an xp autorun prob?

    many thanks in advance


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    Quote Originally Posted by jamcgee11 View Post
    Hi There,

    . I can utilise all the other addons on the disk except the the actual install software


    Not sure how Your utilizing the add-ons before You Install? - Kinda like the 'Cart before the Horse ......

    If You used some of the add-ons by taking them from the disk before you installed (still seems weird) those files were possibly 'water marked, thus the installer won't run.

    Best to start over fresh (un\reinstall those add-ons) then contact the developers if You still have trouble.

    Randy Burton

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