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    Default Instructor Station

    Instructor Station, Flight Instructor, ... whatever they called it in FS9 - is that feature included with FSX? <ED>

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    To my understanding it no longer exists but you do have the option to share the cockpit. A little more real IMO.

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    Default Instructor station

    My system is out of commission for a rebuild, but I'll check it all out when I get up and running again. But this makes me wonder if I could network in through the FS9 instructor station. Wonder if those two versions would talk to each other.
    Then too I read something about a 3rd party instructor station. That might have some application. Thanks. <ED>

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    I don't mean to be Johny Rain Cloud but I don't think there is a good chance of the two versions being able to "talk". If there is a 3rd party instructor station, that may be able to talk to both versions, but to be honest I have never really looked into it.

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    Question instructor station

    Well thanks for the info anyway, either way. From the multitude of responses, I presume this was not a heavily used feature! Yes, there is a 3rd party instructor station app which appears to be quite good. It runs about $35 or so, then you need FSUIPC which is another $30 or so. But - looks like what I REALLY need to do is get FSX running and check it out. I will report my findings.
    Meanwhile, anyone else with specific related knowledge, feel welcome to continue with this thread. <ED>

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    Continuing... for those who might be interested, here are two candidates for Instructor Station operation.
    and http://http://luisgordo.googlepages....tructorstation

    The latter isn't quite finished yet, but looks promising. Also Luis states that some features might not work on FSX, so this is a wait-and-see thing.
    The former, Project Magenta, is a commercial product and looks quite good. May even be overkill for typical FSX applications.

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