Hi, as you know FSX lacks panels of great jets, such as the 707, Dc-8, 727, Caravelle, and some others. You can search sim forums or Google, you wont find them.
OK, there are those from HJG...but its known these panels are not very eye-candy.

FSX gauges have to be remade cause the code is not recognized anymore, and classic analog cockpit lovers are dying out, since young people only flew in glass-cockpit with 2 to 4 color monitors that take 90% of the activity and they call it a cockpit. That´s all they know. well....I am not that old either... but I like analog cockpits because my father flew them and those are the child memories of fantastic trips.

Anyway, here´s how I have a made the most beautiful panel for a 707 in FSX.
You take/extract just the bitmap of the main captain forward panel from a famous FS9 payware (its only for home use, no problem) or alternative you can get one from airliners.net. Then you take the gauges from the HJG panel, just the gauges...and you place them in position in the new bitmap.
Because HJG gauges are painted bitmaps, in most instruments I just need the moving needle or digits, over a real bitmap instrument.
So I edit the gauge, in the "Edit bitmap" section, and I simply DELETE the bitmap.
Press OK, then OK again and you have a new "invisible" gauge, with no background image, (working perfectly), and the I place it over the reallistic instrument bitmap.

It takes a bit of practice but the results are excellent even for the beginner.
Hope this motivates those looking out for such panels...