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Thread: What Is Meant By Newcomer Services?

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    Default What Is Meant By Newcomer Services?

    Hi Folks,

    This forum is an experiment, another bright idea brought to you by's joint venture with PC Game Controls ...

    Most newcomers have many elementary questions about Flight Simulator that they would like answered before they feel confident enough to become active in the various specialty forums. So here in this forum, Newcomer Services, we will try to provide ...

    Informational answers to questions.
    How to search the forums, the wiki and the internet to locate information.
    How to search the site for Op-Ed and How To articles.
    How to search the file library for addons.
    How to download and install addons.
    And so on.

    While all members are welcome in this forum, we hope that it will mainly serve as a kind of club for newcomers (rather than old-timers) to ask questions. In fact, we want the newcomers not to feel embarrassed to ask even the most elementary questions -- questions that may have been asked many times in the past.


    Yet we would like the senior membership of the site to pitch in and answer questions in the usual way. It’s just that instead of “This topic was discussed six weeks ago in the <whatever> forum” we will now say “Here’s the information you requested. Oh by the way, the information can also be discovered by searching <whatever> using the following search terms. If you do that you will come up with <a link>, which refers to a discussion of six weeks ago in the <whatever> forum.

    I don’t know abut the rest of you but I was a lurker on this site for many years. It took that long for me to get up the courage to actually post. As a result, it kept taking me a long time to learn things I needed to learn. There was no “instant gratification” method of getting answers to my more obscure questions.

    So I will ask the senior membership to remember their own early experiences with the internet and therefore to have patience with, and sympathy for, the newcomers in this forum.

    At the same time, the fledgling birds must be kicked out of the nest at some point. So I’m tentatively thinking that new members should be encouraged to move out to the specialty forums when their post count gets to, say, 25 or thereabouts. By that time they should know enough to ask questions in the other forums in ways that won’t make them feel like raw greenhorns.

    And if something happens - - if there’s some question that seems really embarrassing to ask but at the same time really necessary to ask, come on back to the nest and visit.


    I will also note that a good grounding in the above disciplines will allow the newcomer to take advantage of the various FS 1-On-1 TimeSaver training packages for shortening the learning curves associated with various FS-related skill sets, beginning with primary training and running through IFR flying all the way through the programming of “glass cockpit” flight management computers.

    (The idea behind the TimeSaver packages is to help newcomers with busy real world lives to attain various levels of FS proficiency in a short amount of time at affordable fixed prices, with personalized one-on-one instruction.)
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