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Thread: Locked Thread RE: Flightsim Logons

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    Default Locked Thread RE: Flightsim Logons

    Why is the thread locked?

    The man is making a statement that he is annoyed that he has to logon, and when he tries to do so, is continually frustrated by the need to try and try and try just to gain access to what is purportedly a public website.

    Then, when somefolks disagree with his statements ( maybe because they actually voice real concerns, as opposed to asking banal, rhetorical questions like " WHAT IS THE BLUEST WATER" ), the thread is locked and all further discussions of the topic are stopped.

    The moderator implied "take to another forum ". WHY?

    Whats wrong with THIS forum?

    Every stupid question and remark is left untouched in here, until someone makes a comment about the ability to logon to this website.THEN it's inappropriate to comment?

    What is it.........................ONLY POST THINGS WE (The moderators) AGREE WITH............or we will lock your thread or remove it completely???

    Heck, I won't even try to logon to this site anymore, hevent in months, as its not worth the aggravation to do so. I come in the forums here to garner some snippet of information occasionally, but even that is missing from here.

    I expect this thread will be locked/removed, as I have dared to critisize.

    Well folks, perhaps you should listen to critisism instead of banning it.

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    Default RE: Locked Thread RE: Flightsim Logons

    It seems since those big mesh files arrive free accounts are on standby. Can´t log for 3 days and trying like mad. But bandwitch is expensive so poor guys like me must stay calm and wait in line.

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    Default RE: Locked Thread RE: Flightsim Logons

    They have not seen it yet. :-lol

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    Default RE: Locked Thread RE: Flightsim Logons

    Are they taking a nap? :\

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    Default RE: Locked Thread RE: Flightsim Logons

    [font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON Apr-13-02 AT 02:49AM (EDT)[/font][p]They Are Actually Good Moderators..
    They Normally Have Good Reasons for locking threads.
    There, i've typed enough.

    Auckland, New Zealand

    Edit: Whats Avtually Goof Moderatos?

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    Please click on "lobby". You will see that it is the User Feedback fourm. That post is exactly what we use that fourm for. I remember there was a time when half of the messages were complaining about inabilty to login. That clogs up the forum, and makes it hard to find the messages you want to read.

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    It’s hard for me to grasp your indignation. The man used the word “boycott” in his message; what operator is going to allow the use of his system to suggest a boycott of that system? And if you’re at all familiar with another well known venue you’d know that is actually considerably more relaxed in the way it handles its forums.

    My guess is that it’s the younger viewers who keep writing these bitter complaints about the inability to log in at, steadfastly refusing to accept (or simply unaware of the fact) that it costs money to run the servers and provide the bandwidth, and hence the first class membership system. (Yes I know Avsim does it differently, but they still need funds and voluntary contributions are encouraged.)

    So why don’t you join me in doing something constructive to support the site: send in a bloody contribution! My own is actually long overdue….

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    Default RE: Locked Thread RE: Flightsim Logons

    I think the reason Jeff locked it is clear in his post. You might want to search it out and read it again.
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