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Thread: 727 Reinstallation Problem

  1. Default 727 Reinstallation Problem


    My XP based computer recently died (a gruesome death where all the smoke came out) and I was forced to get a new computer. This new computer is running Windows Vista.

    I'm attempting to reinstall the 727 on this new computer and receiving the message "Error Generating License or License Copy!" immediately after providing my key file and password. The installation does proceed to completion, however when I try to use the aircraft, FS crashes (I'm assuming because the software doesn't believe it's properly licensed).

    I am running the installation from a newly downloaded copy of the Flight1 Wrapper by clicking the "red airplane". I'm also using a new key file that was downloaded a couple of days ago (I've had to reactivate the key a couple of times already).

    I contacted Flight1 for assistance and was given a few things to try...all to no avail. Over the last three days, I've tried everything Flight1 told me to try, everything I can think of and virtually everything I've read in other posts, virus control...uninstalled, Windows Defender...shutdown, etc. and still no luck.

    The 727 is one of my favorite FS aircraft and any assistance in getting it back in the sky would be greatly appreciated.



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    Sorry Don, I'm away on vacation at the moment so I can't really try much. Do you have FS installed in the default location? I believe this will cause problems if you do.


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    Hi Paul,

    I did have FS installed in the default directory, so I uninstalled and reinstalled in a different directory (I tried a couple of different directories). Unfortunately, I'm still receiving the same error.

    I forgot to include in my first post that I've turned User Account Control (UAC) off to hopefully avoid problems related to access control issues (but with Vista, who knows!).

    When you have time, if you have any other suggestions or if I can provide any additional information, please let me know.

    Thanks...Have a great vacation...

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    Quote Originally Posted by don.coy View Post

    My XP based computer recently died and I was forced to get a new computer. This new computer is running Windows Vista.
    If you buy a new pc running vista you can get the retailer to provide you a copy of XP so you can continue to run your XP apps. It's been some time since I learned this so I don't know if that still is the case.
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    Please redownload the product as the wrapper part was just updated.

    Of course make sure that you extract the .key file from the zip, and that you browse to it through the reinstall option.

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    Hi Steve...

    Thanks for the info. I'll give the new package a try and let you know how it goes.


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    OK...Here goes...I have good news and bad news.

    First the good news. The new wrapper ultimately did the trick and I've got the 727 reinstalled and I'm up and running.

    Now the bad news. The new wrapper would not let me reinstall directly on my Vista PC. When I tried to reinstall using my .key file, I received a message telling me that my key was invalid. I tried reactivating my key and downloaded a new joy. When I tried to reinstall using my Flight1 account and password, I received the message "Runtime Error '75': Path/File access error".

    To get the 727 reinstalled, I ended up using a machine running XP along with the License Transfer utility to generate a license file and install EXE that I moved to the Vista machine and installed. That procedure did the trick.

    If there's any information I can provide that will help troubleshoot the wrapper issues (it may really be issues with the setup on my PC), please let me know and I'll provide whatever information I can.

    Thanks to everyone that helped me get the 727 back into the air!


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    Runtime Error 75 is actually most likely because of your Vista configuration. We rarely get these.

    You likely have areas of vista too restricted, or utilities interfering with things.

    See if you have not already read it.

    Also, the wrapper does not work if you access anything from restricted folders or network drives.

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    Hi Steve,

    Thanks for the info. I don't doubt that it's something in my Vista configuration. I have disabled UAC and followed the instructions in the Vista information page, but I wouldn't be surprised at all if there's some utility interfering with the installation...I'll see what I can find. When I got the PC, it had so much garbage loaded on it that it took forever to get it cleaned up. There's a very real possibility that I missed something.

    Thanks again for helping me get back up and running...


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    It could mean that when you used your account and password, everything went through fine, but your system did not allow us to write the license to your system.

    "Path/File access error" is just what it says... there was a problem accessing or writing to a file.

    When I installed Windows Vista on my machine, I did so much to reconfigure it that it is practically running like Windows XP now.

    It could be that your Windows folder has permissions that were not fixed when you turned off UAC, or were set to something odd from the factory.

    How I got my machine to be like XP... First, I made sure my user account is part of the Administrator group, that UAC is off, and that there are no restrictions in permissions or ownership of the Windows or Program Files folder and any subfolder. Also, DEP is set to Essential Programs and Services only. Also, Defender is disabled, and the indexing service is turned off (something was making my hard drive constantly seem to run and I wondered if this was it). I also have the Aero Desktop disabled and use the Windows Classic theme (why lose landscape to wide title bars, and have to endure bright border colors). Aero uses up CPU's, and also conflicts with some programs, including FSX and some addons. Finally, I use a Virus scanner that allows one to be in full control of what you do. A "set it and forget it" type scanner could leave you in a "forget it" mode when wanting to do certain things on your PC. Use something like NOD32 which allows full user control of what is going on. Do not use any SOFTWARE firewalls other than the default Vista firewall. In my opinion they are not needed! And my cable modem has a firewall anyway.

    That being said, I pretty much have a computer that gives me the same experience compared to Windows XP. There are the few Vista quirks like crashing programs occasionally, or items changed from the default XP locations. But for the most part, I do have an XP like experience.
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