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Thread: AI smooth for fsx

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    Default AI smooth for fsx

    Just wondering if i could get AI smooth for fsx or a programme which does the same thing for free???

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    I run AISmooth with FSX.
    From time to time AISmooth just exits. I do not know why. Just restart it and OK.
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    Yes, AI Smooth will work with FSX. Just make sure FSUIPC4 is correctly installed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JSkorna View Post

    Yes, AI Smooth will work with FSX. Just make sure FSUIPC4 is correctly installed.
    I tried that. Got an error message trying to install FSUIPC4. Oh well....Traffic X is in developement! No more black aircraft after I buy that one....lolol! And before anybody suggests it, I know SP2 corrected the black aircraft problem.....but it screwed alot of other things up.

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    Happily running AISmooth on FSX here.

    FSX with Acceleration (therefore SP2) installation. On a Vista 32 machine with Vista SP1 installed. (With other people experiencing various issues, mileage unfortunately seems to vary for some people.)

    Traffic 2005 (with appropriate updates and patches for FSX) installed and all working fine -- including AISmooth -- with excellent and plentiful AI traffic (airliners and GA). The only thing that won't work correctly is the Repaint program from that package. But I can live with that until Traffic X is released. And, AISmooth isn't sometimes just exiting for me. I've not experienced that nor heard of that issue before. Hmmmm. If I had a suggestion I would provide it.

    Edit: During installing FSX and Traffic 2005 etc, I downloaded the latest version of FSUIPC4 as part of my "make it all work" strategy. If you are experiencing issues, then maybe try downloading the latest copy of FSUIPC4 from And, there have been newer releases of FSUIPC4 since my initial installation. I have periodically downloaded those new releases and upgraded to them with no hassles. I am running FSPUIC4 in freeware mode (not registered).
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