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Thread: Repaints - LevelD 767/PSS 757

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    Default Repaints - LevelD 767/PSS 757

    Hi folks

    Anyone know where I can find repaints for the LevelD 767 and PSS 757? I was looking for the following schemes (if available) for both aircraft:

    Britannia Airways (the old scheme)
    British Airways (with different tail colours)
    DHL (UK)
    Thomas Cook
    MyTravel (UK)

    Any help would be appreciated... I'm not too computer literate you see.



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    If i was you, I would go to the file library at or and search for the repaints. All of those are available, and theres a nice package which contains 4 different BA tails.

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    OK, cheers for that, I'll have a look.

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