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Thread: WideFS? Do you use it & if so, for what?

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    Default WideFS? Do you use it & if so, for what?

    I presently use multiple monitors connected to dual video cards, sometimes three, sometimes four.

    I have a second computer that is sitting idle on a garage shelf since my last round robin upgrade (mine, my wife's, then my daughter's - bet you know the routine). I don't remember exactly what the specifications are, but feel sure it would be fully adequate for WideFS purposes.

    I have considered bringing the unused computer down and implementing it on my secondary monitors with WideFS, however if I understand correctly secondary windows integral to MSFS cannot be used in this way, only programs running outside of FS.

    A secondary question in the two computer implmentation is, is there any way to switch back and forth between computers with a common keyboard and mouse with duplex components, or are individual units required? I do have a laptop that might be another option which should negate mouse and/or keyboard duplication if it were used.

    A third question is, the older computer has a Windows 98 operating system installed while my primary system is XPPro; Is there a conflict here to implement WideFS? (The Laptop has Windows XP)?

    If you use WideFS and have found it to be more beneficial than my present single computer/multiple Video/monitor configuration, any comments, recommendations, and ideas for its use (i.e. displays/programs implemented etc.) sure would be appreciated.


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    I don't use WideFS but this is what I know about it:

    It allows you to run flight sim utilities on another computer on your network (LAN) without needing flight sim to be installed on that other computer. For example, you could run FSNavigator or Flight SimCommander on another computer that is separate from your main flight sim computer.

    For WideFS to work, FSUIPC must be installed on the flight sim computer.
    Unless there's been an update, as far as I know WideFS does not work with FSX.

    For more info, download the program and read the included user guide.

    Edit: It looks like WideFS had been recently updated for FSX. The above website shows shows FSUIPC4 as a full release of FSUIPC 4 (incorporating WideFS 7) for use with FSX.

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    Hi,,,ive recently done pretty much what your asking.
    I networked an old Athlon 1200 to my flight computer.

    On the client (2nd computer) ive installed Active Sky X,,FsCommander,,Radar Contact,,B.A acars.
    Each of these progs have a decent set of docs to help you do this.
    In the latest set of FSUIPC is wideserver7 and i got widefs so these connect the 2 computers,although ASX uses sim connect.
    I use 2 keyboards and 2 mice,,,confusing at 1st but i quickly got used to it,,i think u would need to buy a switch box to use 1 keyboard/mouse.
    I use WIndows XP on both machines though,,because each had Win XP on.

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    Thanks for the input Noell.

    Obviously, I have not used WideFS either, but I am ASSUMING that you are mistaken relative to its use for FSX. On Peter Dowson's site under FSX, , for "FSUIPC4.4.26", Peter states: "NEW Full release of FSUIPC4 (incorporating WideFS7) for use with FSX March 5th 2008 (3 MB)

    WideServer7 is built into FSUIPC4, you will need the WideClient from the WideFS link below"

    The link below is "WideFS 6.75" and the text says: "The WideClient.exe included in this zip is to be used with the WideServer7 module which is included with FSUIPC4 from now on."

    I see this was dated just a few days ago (March 7, 2008), but unless I am mistaken, the previous FSUIPC4 versions also had these provisions.

    We shall see what we shall see.

    Thanks again for your attention.
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    Guess you missed my "Edit" line in my first reply which said:
    Edit: It looks like WideFS had been recently updated for FSX. The above website shows shows FSUIPC4 as a full release of FSUIPC 4 (incorporating WideFS 7) for use with FSX.


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