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Thread: OFF Topic Question--Can You Help?

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    EyeBall Guest

    Default OFF Topic Question--Can You Help?

    Can Somebody tell me how to remove the circled icon,I've tried lots to take it off like right clicking on the thing but nothing happens and I've searched my entire computer for a base program of this icon but no cigar...seems like some sort of spyware at least i think was installed into my cpu,all i want is to take that little icon off..can u help? By the way I'm using Win 98.

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    EyeBall Guest

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    Never seen that before....:-hmmm

    Brian A. Neuman
    Wooodbury, MN

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    Click Start
    Click Run
    type: msconfig

    select the startup tab
    Remove all the programs you don't need when running FS2002

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    EyeBall Guest

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    thanks for the tip sir...but i still can't get rid of the little sucker

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    If you think you have install spyware, go download Lavasoft's Ad-aware. It can be download @ or


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    Sounds like it starts when an internet connection is started.
    It's like the Microsoft Messsenger starting everytime you have an internet connection. What list does Ctrl-Alt-Delete show?

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    EyeBall Guest

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    Well I've tried that ad software and as for the appears right at computer for the Ctrl-Alt-Delete Command:

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    Aweiszman Guest

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    the only programs you need running is Explorer and Systray. When i open MSCONFIG/Startup the only box i have checked is Systemtray=Systray.exe. All other programs running will degrade the performance of the computer

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    Ctrl+Alt+Del then end task things untill you find what closes the icon (probly that ptsnoop thing sounds like some spyware) When you track it down go to run and type regedit.

    There is alot of stuff in here that can realy mess your pc up if you delete the wrong thing!!! but we are only going to look at crap in the regestry that starts when your computer starts so if you follow what I say you will be safe.

    Click on edit in the file menu and select "find" in the box type "run" without the quotes and unceck "values" and "data" then check the "Match whole string only" box and hit find.

    Once its done you should be here according to the dir struture of the regestry in the left payne. HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run

    This is the place that MS puts all the crap that they dont want you to see starting up when the computer is turned on. Now look for your culprit program in there should be something like C:/program files/spycrap/ptsnoop.exe highlight it and select the entry (just to be safe we are going to back it up) once highligted select regestry from the file menu and export it to a file (you can double click the .reg file it creates and it will put it back if you choose to do so later) now that it's backed up right click the entry again and delete it close regedit and reboot the computer. POOF spyware gone!

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