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Thread: Let's ban the banners

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    Captain_Slarty Guest

    Default Let's ban the banners

    Ok..... so a third of me viewing pleasure window (these forums ! ) is obliterated with a 'banner' sermon...... easy.... just dont allow them...... they contribute nothing to the overall 'feel'

    Just my HO ..... of course......

    shameless banner to follow..... ;-)

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    Stinger2K2 Guest

    Default RE: Let's ban the banners

    What, it took me weeks to come up with this!!


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    Default RE: Let's ban the banners

    I personally don't mind them, as long as they are small! :-) Some of these thing are out of control!.....kind of like that old slarty ad....;-)

    If people don't stay within the limits, the banners may in fact be prohibited. Until that time, people that use oversize banners may just find that their posts disappear. :-)

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    Default RE: Let's ban the banners

    Sheesh Slarty! Can't please em all, all of the time. Just trying to make Jeffs' and my job a little easier. At least now, we have something to back up our claims about banner sizes.

    BTW, I suggested that to Nels, so I guess you've got me to blame. The other little message will also keep our e-mail boxes from filling up with questions of "Why can't I log-in", or "How come I can't post messages there". (Not my idea on this one, but a good one, nonetheless!)

    Two solutions come to mind: A bigger monitor, or a mouse with a scroll wheel! :-lol
    [|Darrell's Page of Plane Things]

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    Sonar5 Guest

    Default RE: Let's ban the banners


    I know this is off topic, but what in your opinion is the best:

    Graphics Card
    CPU Processor
    Fried Chicken
    Pledge Smell
    No streak or regular Windex
    Fudge or Original Oreo's
    Pulp or no-pulp orange juice...
    And Can someone please send me every single file for NASA'a space shuttle program. I bought the program because I am a taxpayer, but I can't seem to locate them on my hardrive.

    Thanks In Advance,
    Joe :-wave

    PS This place cracks me up sometimes.. Happy Tuesday, or Wednesday wherever you are having problems logging in form. :-lol :-lol :-lol

    SEE BANNER BELOW... Do you like it.. :-lol

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    Oro Valley, Arizona, USA.

    Default RE: Let's ban the banners

    [font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON Apr-09-02 AT 02:18PM (EDT)[/font][p]Graphics Card--This one I paid $300 for....(ATI)
    CPU Processor---P4...1.4 GHz...was obsolete the day after I bought it.
    Monitor--This 19 inch Gateway...almost too big for my current desk.
    Fried Chicken--KFC...Churches is too soggy.
    Pledge Smell--Lemon Fresh.
    No streak or regular Windex--Is there a difference?
    Fudge or Original Oreo's--The Fudge ones give me the Tots.
    Pulp or no-pulp orange juice...No Pulp...gets stuck in my teeth.

    Brian A. Neuman
    Wooodbury, MN

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    Default RE: Let's ban the banners

    You crack me up, Joe! :-lol

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    Sonar5 Guest

    Default RE: Let's ban the banners

    Oh Yeah, Here's mine:

    Graphics Card - My GEForce2 GTS Pro 64mb O/c of course
    CPU Processor -My 1.2 Ghz Athlon, no o/c
    Monitor - My kids 21" Cornerstone. I have a 19" Monitor
    Fried Chicken - Popeye's Spicy
    Pledge Smell - Vanilla
    No streak or regular Windex - Regular
    Fudge or Original Oreo's - Original, Does anyone really like the fudge
    Pulp or no-pulp orange juice... - Definately Pulp

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