I hope no one is offended by my attempts on several forums to find help with my
small puzzle...and

I know this is not technically the correct forum, but I also know many here are
also very familiar with other sims...

and in fact my interest in CFS2 came from comments I saw HERE on the very good
flight dynamics, and the fun that could be had in one on one aerobatic
multiplayer flights in CFS2...

so, if anyone can help;

I know I am missing something dreadfully obvious;

I have used custom assignments on my joystick nearly from the start; recently I
wanted to change some of those assignments, and thought I was going through the
same procedure. The changes are accepted ok, but the next time I start up the
program they have disappeared, and reverted to the prior (custom) settings.
Again, I know I must be missing something obvious, but I just don't see it...

thanks in advance

All options are saved with the flight. If you don't save the flight and just
restart the same flight each time, the options will be lost. Save the flight
and make it your default flight and the options will remain.

Bob F.