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Thread: Flight below sea level

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    On my way east around the world in the Baron, I decided to stop in Jerusalem. Once there I decided I'd go check out the Dead Sea for several reasons. One of them being, I wondered if FS took into account that it is 1200 ft below sea level and the plane should fly slower without stalling due to the air being more dense than sea level. Another reason was I wanted to see how the altimeter would read. Well, I never got that far. On arrival to I.Bar-Yehuda (LLMZ) airport ( - 1263 ft ), I was descending through 1000 ft (altimeter set to 29.92 inHg per ATIS) at 85 kts IAS, no flaps yet, when suddenly the plane started spinning wildly causing black outs & red outs. I managed to recover, circled and came in again. Same thing happened only this time on top of uncontrolled rolling, my airspeed indicator went red line, the stall warning came on & flap damage occured. My question is 1) Is this a glitch in FS that you can't fly below sea level ( although the problems started at 1000 ft MSL ) and 2) How in real life would an analog altimeter read at 1200 ft below sea level ?

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    I went the reverse. Started at LLMZ in the Cessna 172 & flew to an altitude of +1100'. It all worked okay. At sea level, the altimeter just winds down, which would be hard to read at a glance without being use to it............. I suppose!


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    The airplanes true airspeed will be different, but the indicated airspeed for a stall will be the same as if it were at 10,000ft.

    The altimeter should basically be backwards. You can get a similar thing at sea level with a very strong high pressure system. It is also possible to overboost your engine.

    As to why it the plane did what it did, without knowing what the stall speed of the Barron is I would have to guess. Only possibility would be if you stalled it by rolling into too steep a bank at too slow a speed.

    My guess is that the program has a problem with airports below sea level.

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    [font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON Apr-05-02 AT 00:21AM (EDT)[/font][p]Correct, about the IAS. I wanted to see if instead of, lets say for arguments sake, GS of 80 kts & IAS of 75 kts to rotate, I could have GS 60 kts & IAS 75 kts to rotate (maybe a little extream, but you get the point) thus needing less runway to take off, just as in a strong head wind.
    As for the turning, I was about to enter the pattern on downwind leg of a visual approach, no banking, just minding my own business on a nice 300 fpm descent to get to TPA (which I was shooting for -200 ft MSL to leave me just above 1000 ft AGL) when everything went bizzerk.

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