Well, this is the first problem I have had that I can't seem to fixs. F-15
Eagle panel and the BEa-146 panel,(newest Ver.) after loading up the Aircraft
using these panels, they work great no problems but when I try to leave those
planes with the panels, FS98 will not let me access any of the menu function to
change A/C or Log time,etc... the only thing it will do is let me close down
FS. Then, I have to go into the A/C file and change the panel and restart FS to
do any changes in the menu mode. Any help on this would be great!!! I like the
panels but really don't want to go thru all that to use them.
Get CFG Edit and take a look and see if they have the same gauge with the
same name used twice on the panel. If they do then all ya gotta do is make a
copy of the gauge and rename it and stick it where one of the trouble causing
gauges is and save it and you shouldn't have any more trouble.

Thanks that worked great.... GT-Jim