I been flying Flight Simulator 98 for years using the Virtual Pilot Pro and
Rudder pedals. All worked. I loaded FS 2002 and a driver from CH Products and
got FS 2002 to work pretty well except for the right Hat Switch. However, when
I went back to Flight Simulator 98 (still my love), the Throttle and Pedal for
my CH Product Pro and Rudder Pedels would no longer work. Auto Cord. is turned
off and when I calbrate it, but the Virtual Pilot Pro with it's throttle works
fine also the pedels work fine. But going back to Flight Simulator 98 they are
not working. Unable to get them to reg. in the assignment screen either.
However, besides calibrating up fine in FS 98 showing they are connected and
active, they also work in FS 2002.

Any ideas? Please send me an email if you can help