Hello Alastair,
Just thought I'd update you. You were right ..the heat sensor was operating a
little prematurely .. and it's been tweaked, and with a better cooling fan
installed everything is fine now, so thank you for pointing me in the right
direction. Also .. I've had a seperate games port put in and now the joystick
problems have been resolved too ... so my Dad .. and me !! ... are a lot
happier now.

I have been searching for a good example of any Ryanair aircraft. Do you know
of any? The ones on here by Nico Schwab won't work for some reason ..but, and I
don't mean to beliitle the designers efforts, I'm looking for one of the
quality of Kim Simmilink or Hans Schwarz. I've had a look at SimViation too ..
but no luck.

Anyway Alastair .. thanks again ..

Regards Doug .