well dennis...
I found using the fs98 conversion program..that the airplanes
converted over with no problem to fs98 birds...Helicopters did not ..but..
being a bit lazy...assigning it the defauld bell206 config seemed to fix that..

also alot of these fs98 birds at this site are remanufactured fs5.1 planes..
and these fs98 visually correct panels look great but...wow..no vors
or ils functions and the fake radar is clutter that could be used better..
the GPS add ons v1 and v2 work great but v3 from this site i have problems..
ad NAVDASH to the mix and you have alot of toys that dont make you a better
pilot...but a better hobbiest..
Did you see the new ford Thunder bird..????is it a jag or a continental???
its not a thunderbird....add some cleats and an outboard...