Hey ppl,
I think that there's a problem with Fs5 panels, and that's that there's not
enough of them! I mean.. I know I should probably make a panel myself before I
can criticize anyone, but when I look at the Fs98 files, new panels are
uploaded almost daily, and for almost every type of aircraft imaginable (well,
ok not every aircraft, but u can get alot of good "generic" panels). And then I
take a look in the Fs5 file section, (I typed in some 'find everything' words
in the search field, like "fs5" or "a" or "the") and there's hardly any panels.
I have a wide variety of aircraft, but I have to use mainly generic panels or
the ones that came with flight shop. I haven't been able to find one
twin-engine panel (except for planes from WW2), but so far I've been happy
running Marc Suxdorf's panels on my single engine planes and turboprops. I
understand that Fs5 has low-resolution limitations, but I think at least some
ppl out there could keep making some good panels in 640x480 resolution. And the
other thing that bugs me, is like 75% of the good looking panels u find are
shareware, which means that they have guages missing or something degrading the
panel's appearance or use. They usually cost about 6-10 dollars, but when u
think about it, the whole flightsim game costs 50 dollars, so ur paying 1/5 the
price of the game, for just a little panel.. I personally think those panels
are way overpriced. But, of course, that's just my opinion. Anyways, happy


There are many good panels for FS5.1, in fact the Technic Direct B727-37-47
panels they made are one of the major reasons I don't upgrade to FS98.

Two new FS5.1 panels, a Mustang panel and a Spitfire panel, were uploaded
just this week, and they are absolutely marvelous.

I must have close to 20 panels and am able to fit them to every aircraft I
fly on my simulator. True, I had to pay for some of them, but I don't mind
paying for something I want.

Go to the file download section of this site and check-out all the available
panels for FS5.1. I think there are over 60 of them.

I don't think we'll see too many in the future becasue most simmers have
gone to FS98, and panels are much easier to make for that platform. But
we already have enough in FS5.1 to make flying very enjoyable.