Below is a message left at Eric's Freeware Panels. This message was left as a

result of Eric's stoppage of making freeware addon software. The stoppage is
a result of indivduals stealing Freeware software and then selling the designs
to commerical software companies. I think its time that we took a stand on
this and got the entire flight sim. community involved to stop this, or at
least deter these theives with the thought of being sued. Please excuse the
bad spelling.



I think its time we all took a stand on commercial companies stealing
works of freeware designers. AVSIM has a MAD signature program in place
for commercial companies for a refund on bad products. I think we need
to have the Flight Simulator community start the same to discourage
these companies from stealing these freeware products. I also believe
we should as a team attack these companies through the courts. I wonder
if we can talk to AVSIM and other flight sim web servers to get
something started.

I have enjoyed your panels from day one and it really pisses me off that
users like myself will suffer because of these individuals who steal
these designs, as well as the companies who allow the continued
production, sale, and distribution of these stolen works.

If there is anything I can do to help get this started, please let me

[email protected]