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Thread: Atlanta / Hartsfield Intl. taxiway signs....

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    da_Ratt Guest

    Default Atlanta / Hartsfield Intl. taxiway signs....

    "Realistic 3D taxiway signs, NO WAY! it'll KILL the framerate..." I used to think that, and guess what? It's completely untrue!

    Britesigns DEMO for KATL detail:

    A total of [422] signs comprised of [16,212] polygons, 1/3 of which are textured (128x128x8). For example, a decent aircraft model will consist of 11,000 to 12,000 polygons (most being textured)!

    Performance figures for KATL signage: (P3:800,384MB,GF3:64MB)

    FS2002 Scenery Complexity : NORMAL:
    taxiway signs disabled - 15.8 fps
    taxiway signs enabled - 12.4 fps

    FS2002 Scenery Complexity : MAX:
    taxiway signs disabled - 10.6 fps
    taxiway signs enabled - 6.2 fps

    It would be reasonable to conclude that the signage consumes around 4 fps at any Complexity setting. WOW!

    This is the Shareware DEMO for the Final Retail package "Britesigns", available soon!

    The retail package includes complete signage for:
    KORD (O'Hare(completed))
    KDFW (Dallas/Ft.Worth(completed))
    KATL (Atlanta(completed|DEMO))
    KMIA (Miami(in progress))
    KSEA (Seattle(04/05/2002))
    KSFO (San Francisco(04/19/2002))
    KJFK (John F. Kennedy(05/03/2002))
    KDEN (Denver(05/17/2002))

    I hope you enjoy the Britesigns DEMO for Atlanta. Have Fun!

    Art Granda (Grand Illusions Studio)
    [email protected]

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    Default RE: Atlanta / Hartsfield Intl. taxiway signs....


    With that kinda frame rate drop a person would be wiser to buy Simflyers KATL scenery. I get that kind of Frame Rates with a Dreamfleet737 loaded up with SFlyers KATL and get a realistic airport to boot.

    I was considering using the freeware taxiway signs for LAX and they also had a significant drain on frames so I decided that I also would get Simflyers KLAX where on the demo version using the taxiways as a runway PIC767 I got 18fps.

    Don't want to rain on your parade but FPS do count with me and I dont want to turn down my settings to compensate.

    Your signs are a nice touch, however I think that taxiway, tarmack,and runway surfaces need much work.
    Thanks Dreamfleet for this Awesome Jet

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    Default RE: Atlanta / Hartsfield Intl. taxiway signs....

    Put KMSP in there, and I will absolutly consider buying the package!

    Brian A. Neuman
    Wooodbury, MN

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    da_Ratt Guest

    Default RE: Atlanta / Hartsfield Intl. taxiway signs....

    About the taxiway/runway surfaces, those are the stock textures and you'll have to talk to Microsoft about that, as I didn't alter the default scenery at all.

    The LAX signs also "hit" about 4 fps. For me, 4 fps is the difference between a fragged and defragged HD, no big deal!

    Sorry, I didn't intend on making scenery for those with "lesser" PC's. There are plenty of addon packages available that should suit just about everyone's needs, including yours. Have fun!

    Art (Rattner) Granda

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