Imagetool.exe - it is in various MSFS SDKs. The latest is in
FS2004_Terrain_SDK.exe at .

Bill Sieffert

I am trying to edit texture files such as roads, railways etc.
The tools I have are DXTBMP, bmp2cfs, Adobe photoshop.
My initial attempts seemed to work, but now I am having problems.
I tried loading to DXTBMP, editing in Photoshop, saving, then using bmp2cfs to
set certain colors transparent and others translucent, but the files do not
always come out the right size and sometimes cause a crash to desktop. However
sometimes they come out right, so obviously I don't quite know enought about
the theory of how these bmp files work.
What tool will tell me exactly what type of file a given bmp is? DXTBMP will
load a file, but when it comes to saving, none of the choices seem to give the
same file size. I start to edit a file of 87mb and it save as 86 or 66 or 65!
Is there a good tutorial somewhere on editing ground textures (as opposed to
editing aircraft texture)? What is the simplest software to use just to edit
color, brightness and degree of transparency?