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Thread: FSX takes forever to load

  1. Default FSX takes forever to load

    I'll launch FSX and usually have to wait almost 5 minutes for the app to come up. I get the splash scree, but that's it. After a few minutes the menu will pop up and everything seems fine.

    Is this normal? If not, what could be causing it? It's really annoying.

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    Default Slow loading...

    5 minute load times could be excessively bloated FSX or a not-to-well optimized system.

    Due to recent "issues" I had to do a fresh FSX install. I was amazed to be at the menu in about 35 seconds and in the air in less than a minute from "Fly Now".

    A fresh install of UTX extended the load flight time only slightly so I've added back Ultimate traffic, custom traffic, a few scenery addons and only a few of my favorite addon AC so now I'm up to about 75/90 seconds, depending on location and scenery detail levels etc...

    As we add more scenery and more aircraft and more traffic the times will necessarily go up because FSX has to parse through all of that stuff.

    I think most folks agree that using a GOOD defragging utility will have a very big impact on load times - I use Ultimate Defrag and have positioned all of FSX in a block at the beginning of a drive. My pagefile is a fixed 4G but I've never seen more than 2G in use.

    Another thing that makes a big impact is other processes running at the same time. Opening up the Windows Task manager before starting FSX will tell how many other processes are already running (I have 38 at the moment). If you are well above this range, it will probably help to shut some of them down.

    I'm expecting noticeable improvement when I move up to the new generation of hardware in a few months. Single-core is 'ok' for my VFR style flying but I do like the eye-candy and enhanced environment.

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    I believe that is one of the many bad things with FSX. I have read in many places of the really long load times. When ever any application spends this much loading itself, there is a clearly a problem. Perhaps with FSX needs is faster memory access, most systems have the el cheapo memory modules. Memory transfer rates are very important with gaming, you are better off with a dual-channel configuration than with single-channel, you might even have your memory modules improperly laid out. A really bad example is a motherboard speed of 800mhz and memory clocked at 533mhz, this creates a serious bottle neck that you can't really see unless you are looking for it, so you see your sim lagging but you have no idea what the problem could be, you assume its either a slow video card, a slow cpu or not enough memory failing to see the cause of the problem all together...its very bad to assume things.

    I would suggest those using FSX take the time to make sure that everything in their system is properly configured. Look deeper into your system, if you have a motherboard FSB of 1066 then get memory clocked at 1066, this way they will be equal....memory will work at the same speed as the motherboard and no bottle necks. Also, don't pair up a monster video card with a skimish proccesor like some slow Celeron 1.80ghz...start thinking about dual or quad core and get yourself up above 3ghz if you can do it (not with Celeron ofcourse!).

    I think i'm going off-topic here so im going to stop....just look into that, might solve the loading issues, also just to finalize this off and I said I would stop, lol.....but if you can, get the 15,000 rpms drive out on the market, they have tremendous access again looking deeper, if your memory transfer rate is higher than what your hard drive can handle, your not gonna see any improvement in load time.....I think load time has everything to do with how fast your CPU, memory and hard-drive, if these agree with one another in terms of speed, you will get tremendous performance, i've seen Windows VISTA start up in just 3 seconds if all is done right!....get a 15,000 rpm and watch how it dominates FSX.
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    Try turning off your anti-virus before loading FSX.Ron

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    Processes running are minimal, usually around 26 or so. This is a home built system running 2 gigs of 800 mhz ram laid out in the correct configuration. I'll keep trying other things.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ace_437 View Post
    I'll launch FSX and usually have to wait almost 5 minutes for the app to come up. I get the splash scree, but that's it. After a few minutes the menu will pop up and everything seems fine.

    Is this normal? If not, what could be causing it? It's really annoying.
    If you haven't already done so, edit your fsx.cfg file to turn off the preloading of the default flight scenery:

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    Hmm, I'll check that out too.

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    >>I'll launch FSX and usually have to wait almost 5 minutes for the app to come up.<<

    Same here, sits forever at ~6%. I disable running processes down to ~26-29 (XP Pro SP2), depends if I want 'live' weather or not. I don't worry about it anymore, just pour and enjoy a refreshing bevereage while I wait; doesn't help my flying skills, though I seem *much* better at it <g>. Used to be in FS9 when load times would get really long I'd trash the fs9.cfg file, doesn't work in FSX though.

    As far as defragging, sure, it may help, but not for long (I use PerfectDisk, others use, well, others ;-)) , and doesn't solve whatever the root issue is with FSX load times <shrug>. I tried Bill's suggestion as regards DisablePreload=1. That definitely works, cuts load time down considerably, thanks Bill! Didn't take a long flight after that change so don't know what else that may affect. Bottom line, the app does what it does, in its own sweet time. One interesting thing to do if you're easily amused is to open Task Manager before you launch FSX. Select the Applications tab and watch as it tells you FSX is 'Not Responding'. Eventually it does. FS9 used to pop an error message up, with a check box that said something to the effect of 'reboot FS9?'. That'd put you in an endless fail/reboot mode. FSX doesn't show that error on my box but I wonder if it's actually doing the same auto-reboot thing.

    Bottom line, when it gets going, it works, and one day we'll all have the hardware to actually enjoy it ;-)

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    >>If you haven't already done so, edit your fsx.cfg file to turn off the preloading of the default flight scenery:


    Thanks, that helps.

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    There was a long discussion of this last summer when UTX US/Can first came out.Most people found that it had something to do with various anti-virus programs.I shut mine down when running FSX and it made a huge difference.I was getting 15-20 min load times and they went down to 2-3.Ron

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