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Thread: How can I activate FSX's GPS & auto-pilot for aircraft that do not have them?

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    Default How can I activate FSX's GPS & auto-pilot for aircraft that do not have them?

    I have downloaded a couple of aircraft that I like, but they are missing either the GPS or auto-pilot used in the aircraft supplied with FSX Deluxe. These same instruments are used by most developers of add-on planes, as well.

    I don't need to add these instruments to the panels for these aircraft, I just want to be able to display and use the windows for the radio stack/autopilot and GPS. ie to press shift + 2 to display and use the radio stack/auto-pilot and shift 3 for the GPS.

    This may be a complex undertaking, but then it may not be. If it is not very complex I would like to try and implement these changes. I have pretty in-depth knowledge of computers and have done programming in the past, so, I'm thinking that maybe I could do this. Therefore, I'm hoping that one of you who knows how, will reply.

    I appreciate any input on this,


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    Here is an example of an easy solution I have used in a couple of aircraft, if it uses the default Garmin 295 GPS, all the better.

    1) In the panel config, at the top will be the various panel windows, if there is one already for a GPS, and/or AP, then you are set, if not, add this line below and number it as you wish (window '01' will 'pop-up' with shift+2, window '02' will 'pop-up' with shift+3, etc). You may/will have to re-number the existing windows, as you cannot have two windows with the same number.


    2) Then go down to the separate window sections, and insert the window info:

    A. For the GPS 'X' above you could try:

    {Window'x'} <<---use brackets as the other windows

    gauge00=fs9gps!gps_295, 0,0,300,240
    gauge01=..\..\Maule_M7_260C\panel\Maule_M7_260C!switch_nav_gps, 0,200,15,25 <--there should not be a space between the w & i in 'switch'!

    ---This uses the default 295 GPS and adds the default Maule GPS/NAV switch to the lower left corner, so that with the GPS 'popped-up' you can switch between GPS and NAV.

    B. For the autopilot you could try the default Bendix AP:

    {Window'y'} <<---use brackets as the other windows

    gauge00=Bendix_King_Radio!Bendix-King Radio AP, 0,0,156, 48

    ---This will add the Bendix AP as a 'pop-up' window

    3) And finally, go to the aircraft.cfg and look for the 'autopilot' section

    {autopilot} <<---use brackets as the other windows
    autopilot_available= 1 <<---if this is '0', make is a '1' so it is active.
    default_vertical_speed= 700.0 <<----add the VS which would match the aircraft you are using

    ---Those are some basics, hope that helps you out.

    Once you get the hang of it, you might want to create a pop-up that would bring up both the GPS and AP at the same time, instead of doing it separately.
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    Thank you so much for your input. I was thinking this would be something I could do and it sure looks like. I'll give it a try.

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    No problem, just remember, always back-up both your panel.cfg and aircrfat.cfg 'just in case'.

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    I put the auto-pilot into Tim Conrad's Pilatus PC-7 and it works great!


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    Replying to a very old thread in the event someone can help. I modified the panel.cfg on Carenado 172N to have the default radio stack and GPS 500. The GPS does fine. The radeo works as well. But alas the autopilot does not work. Any ideas. Love the plane but not a fan of holding it's hand for several minutes at a time.
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    It would really be better to start a new thread rather than ressurecting one that is five years old. Please feel to do that. Most people will likely not respond to such an old thread.



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