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Thread: Problem with landing AI with WOAI

  1. Default Problem with landing AI with WOAI

    Hi there,

    Has been a long time since I posted here. But now that I have a new rig I'm enjoying FSX more then ever.

    Now for my question: I watched some ai planes (WOAI ones) landing and noticed that they landed about a mile or so short.
    Is there something i've done wrong or is this a known problem??


    Hans Brings

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    Pilots were most likely drunk. Happens all the time.

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    Which Airport and what runway?

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    Eham (Amsterdam, Schiphol)
    Runway 06

    (Transavia AI. Also noted that AI stopped at taxiway and didnt move anymore)


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    EHAM does not have a large radius for the AI Visual zone. On startup of FSX AI Planes will materialize within 70 NM of the airport at a high altitude. This causes the first wave of AI to descend unrealistically and fall right though the FAF hardfloor written in the ILS approach code.

    Some AI developers went for short roll out after touchdown which has an inverse effect on sinkrate recovery. In some cases it is best to let FSX stabilize for 20 minutes or so and then watch the inbound AI Aircraft behavior.

    THe default FSX EHAM has some taxiway and hold short issues. There are several EHAM enhanced FSX airports for dwonload that fixed these issues including all the corrupt default Transition approach code.
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    Just as previous post has said. When i first initialise my yssy tower view the first virgin flight always lands short then after taht it is all ok. Also use AISMOOTH it will help seperate the traffic and make it a little more realistic.

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    Thanks for your reply.
    Makes me understand (a little) of whats going on.


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