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Thread: ATI mobility and fog

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    gianluca1971 Guest

    Default ATI mobility and fog

    Hi all,

    I have the "blue curtain" problem in fs2002. When the visibility is reduced, instead of a nice haze, a sharp blue curtain appears. I run fs2002 on a Dell Inspiron 4000 with an ATI Mobility 3 video card. In my case the disable TABLE FOG trick that works with ATI 128 doesn't seem to have any effect.
    Has anyone managed to get proper fog on a machine with an ATI mobility card?


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    Default RE: ATI mobility and fog

    Hello Gianluca,

    I have the same problem with my Sony laptop. I posted a message and no one had a answer. I guess I am glad to hear that I am not the only one with this problem. If I hear of a solution I will post it. I do not even use the feature due to how distracting the dreaded blue is.

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    georgi55 Guest

    Default RE: ATI mobility and fog

    Is this blue curtain you guys are talking about? if so, I get same thing. ATI RADEON 64MB DDR VIVO.
    [hr color=blue]Georgi

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    Default RE: ATI mobility and fog

    Yes, this is the same thing I get on my Sony. It seems odd that only a few people are geting this. You would think that you could just change the color somewhere.

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    gianluca1971 Guest

    Default RE: ATI mobility and fog

    I'm not sure mine is the same. I've been searching around a lot and I'm now convinced that my problem is pretty specific to laptops with ATI mobility.
    I simply don't have any haze. It seems to me you have some haze at the horizon there.
    What happens to me is that, when I reduce the visibility in Weather and come back to the game, the horizon comes towards me, perfectly sharp, swallowing everything along its way.

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    Default RE: ATI mobility and fog

    I myself have the same problem. The blue curtain shows when I fly at such areas as Newark, Meigs, Alaska, and couple others. I have absolutely no fog effect. Its just a completely blue curtain. I don't remember of this happening back in fs2000 though. I'm using an ATI Rage 128

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    Simnut Guest

    Default RE: ATI mobility and fog

    Well, for me the solution was simple, although took me a while to figure it out. DirectX 8.0a and that version only! Worked for me, perhaps something you should check into.


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    gianluca1971 Guest

    Default RE: ATI mobility and fog

    With ATI Rage 128 there seems to be a solution. Look the forum up, and you'll find it. It's also in a knowledge base article at Microsoft. You go there and search for "ATI fog flight simulator 2002" and will find the solution. Basically you need to have the latest driver and disable the "table fog" option from your direct3d, then reboot.

    I have an ATI mobility, so my problem seems to be worse, the solution at Microsoft won't work.
    I was wondering if someone has my *exact* problem and solved it, rather that the milder version.

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    Default RE: ATI mobility and fog

    O.K. We now have enough people with this problem. Lets get Microsoft on the horn. ;-)

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    Default RE: ATI mobility and fog

    Are you running Win95. The Microsoft website said to only use 8.0a for Win95. I have Win2000 on my computer.

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