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    Default Colorado Springs scenery

    Colorado Springs- I live near there- has some of the most interesting and beautiful scenery, weather of major extremes and some of the best destinations- in terms of the settings, high mountains, etc-that there is anywhere. But in FSX the airport (KCOS) looks like it may have been in 1935 or so- simply primitive , simplistic, and barren. It's a fairly large city, nearing 500,000. It deserves better representation in this sim.In fact so does the whole state.
    Enough rant: is anyone aware of a reasonable program, freeware or pay, that my begin to do the area justice? I see nothing in Avsim, for example.

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    It depends on how in-depth you want to go. There is a new "afcad" type file for KCOS in the file library. Do a search for or author Kevin Troutman. It will add all the gates to the airport.

    If you want to modify the airport "afcad" yourself, there are 3 main programs available for FSX now. One of them is AFX from Flight1. It's the one I use and doesn't require any SDK user interface (the primary reason I use it). Most everything is "point-click" and very user friendly. Note this only adds/modifies "airport data" like runways, taxiways, gates, parking spots, etc. It won't let you add buildings, etc.

    If you want to add more buildings, trees, antennas, people, dogs, cats...then you need something like Instant Scenery (or other available programs). Point-click interface again and small learning curve. But it can really spice up your airport if you feel creative.

    I'm not advocating any one program over another. Different users like different ones. Just giving you an idea of what is available for what you are asking.


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