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Thread: Most dangerous airports?

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    Here's a nice FS specific link:

    It links back to additional files here at, also.

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    There are dangerous approaches and there are hard approaches, take your pick.

    One of if not the hardest approach (which is also dangerous) in the world is the LOWI (Innsbruck) LLZ/DME West (RWY 08).

    This is not the offset RWY 26 that everyone is famialiar with but the Localizer 08 approach that must also be used in conjunction with the circle to land Visual Approach.

    It requires knowledge flying a Localizer, 3 NDB's, a marker, 2 180 degree turns and a visual to RWY 08.

    It test both the Pilots ability to understand and fly an instrument approach and pilot a B737-800 with skills that everyone cannot do.

    The approach starts at 13,000 ft overflying the KTI NDB which is west of Innsbruck and not the East approach to RWY 26 that everyone thinks is the hard approach and also famialiar with.

    After passing the NDB you continue and intercept the localizer. Once you have locked onto the localizer and start your descent it is NOT going to lead you to the runway.

    You will be descending on a right upwind to runway 08 directly towards the AB NDB (if you have tuned it properly). You will past to the right of the Innsbruck airport as you descend through 7500 ft and pass over the town of Innsbruck. AT 5,000 ft you should level off (RUM marker) and proceed directly to the AB NDB.

    When you past the AB NDB you must make a right turn in the valley at less then 156 kts and a minimum 25 degree bank angle. The 180 degree turn must be executed within .9NM so you don't hit the walls of the mountains. Most FS Pilots cannot turn a B737-800 in a 3 mile radius but this turn with the plane down and dirty must be done in less then I NM.

    You then proceed to the INN NDB as a navaid position flyby before you can descend to 3700 ft. and turning slightly right (264 degree heading) which you are now on a true left downwind for runway 08. If you get this far correctly the Tower Controller will clear you for landing from a left downwind to Runway 08.

    When you reach the Power Lines (just before another wall of mountains) another 180 degree tight turn is required to align yourself on a very short final to RWY 08.

    I uploaded my FS2004 LOWI back in April of 2005 with all the approach charts required and an explanation on how to fly this approach. Microsoft must have like it so much they made it a Mission in FSX. There is also a download for FSX LOWI.

    Remember, it takes 2 LOWI charts to fly this dangerous approach.

    LOWI Visual Approach

    Other approach charts for LOWI that differ from mine are available at

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    SLLP JF Kennedy Intl or also called El Alto can't imagine why, La Paz Bolivia. One of my favorite airports, love it. First time I "landed" there I was in a hurry and didn't check the elevation, was descending in a biz jet in Fly!2K in pitch blackness, as I dropped down I was looking for the airport lights and at 17,000 feet I thought I had plenty of safety margin...NOT...dropping down to about 13,000 feet, smacked into the mountain!! That was my wakeup call to be more careful, have been flying in there often ever since.

    There's also two Tibet airports can't remember their names and don't have FS9 up, check out Tibet (they're stock in FSX but addons in FS9), one is at around 15,000 plus feet elevation, the other one is very high also, Lasha (?) and Bangda(?) Tibet. They fly 757's out of Bangda.

    Also like VNKT Tribhuvan Intl Nepal, it's fun. LOWI Innsbruck is also similarly fun.

    Of course Courcheval France is extremely hard, only smaller planes like the Dash 7 etc can land there no big iron.

    Antarctica is really fun, I fly there all the time. If I recall C-130's are grounded when the temp gets below -50 degrees F.

    Spitzbergen, Longyear ENSB is fun, I fly there often also, it is especially interesting at night.

    Kai Tak VHHX I think, is for airliners, one of the very most challenging airports to land, it is notorious, and is famous for having high barf bag usage among passengers while on approach. It was closed down, I think many people were grateful for that, but it's fun on the simulator. It is also very notorious for 747's and other airliners scraping their engine nacelles on the runway while trying to land. Go to and do a search for Kai Tak photos, they are unreal.

    KMDW Chicago-Midway is a notorious pain in the neck set of short runways that 737's use, there was a tragic accident there w/ a 737 in snow that couldn't stop.

    KBUR Burbank is interesting, when landing a 757 there you put the autobraking on full, it makes your tie stand straight out, well maybe not entirely but that's what it feels like. (Info from coach)

    There's an airport I can't remember, I think it's in Europe, where there's a village at the bottom of a big hole in the ground, it's really hard to fly out of it. We discussed it in I think the FS9 forum but the name etc completely escapes me.

    Flying any of the Aleutian Islands during Winter bad weather is interesting.

    If I recall Kahului PHOG is challenging because the trade winds are so strong that you have to approach the runway in a big crab. (Coach)

    Barking Sands PMRF is interesting.

    This is what I do, all my flights are around the world, trying to explore every part of the globe. Try it out, it's really fun!


    John and Martha King flew around the world in a biz jet, they said that all of Russia was difficult because everything is in Metric units, like the wind is in meters/second I think, and all altitudes around airports are quoted as Above Ground Level, not Above Sea Level. They said you need to have a calculator handy to make dimension conversions as you fly.
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    I consider myself flying any NDB approach in real life dangerous and hard. There's nothing like pretending you're good at it for a checkride. I usually make small corrections, and pray the arrow settles down. I will throw a party when they shut the last one down!!!

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    Landing at Madeira is a real nail bitter

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    Yes, I've landed there and it's fun, challenging.
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    Default VNBJ, fly out of this one!

    I re-read the thread and I don't think I saw this airport mentioned, but if I overlooked it I a...a...the A word...apologize heehee! I found the airport I was mentioning in one of my previous posts, it's VNBJ Bhojpur, Nepal (remember to say "nemaste!" or in Nepalese, "I salute your eternal soul!", they say that kind of thing when you want to climb their mountains. Brrr, too cold for me, I'd rather fly OVER them in a nice warm Gulfstream 5!).

    Check it out, it's more difficult than it looks. I might be the only one from the fs9 forum to have made it out of there in a jet, I'm departing VNBJ in an F-20B, nice plane in the real world or simulated.

    So there is my challenge, fly out of VNBJ, elevation 4004 ft.

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    Default Try this one and you'll get a humid throttle hand...:)

    Quote Originally Posted by MongooseMike View Post
    Anybody know?
    I like to fly the big iron and I'm looking for a challenge.
    I fly a Conquest 441 and love it. If I could just get the thrust reverser to work with my joystick it would be perfect.....

    In looking over a list of the most dangerous airports I came upon this one. Lugano, Switzerland (LSZA) You drop out of the mountains into a valley and hope for the best. My flight started in Lyon, France (LFLY). It's just under 200 nm and cruising at FL210 & 320 knots I made it in well under an hour. Expecting runway 1 (ILS 111.500) I was vectored into a visual for runway 19. Just be sure in all the excitment to avoid the two buildings just barely off line to the right and the towers on the left BTW: I almost always use real weather and real wind......much more fun and you get surprises like the one I just mentioned.

    With my new Pilots FSGlobal 2008 scenery addon the airport and surrounding town looked awesome. Tip: Should you purchase the scenery be advised it took over an hour to download over 12GBs of info.
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    Here's a crazy landing

    Then click the video response after you watch it... the response is someone re-enacting the landing but in flight simulator.


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    Quote Originally Posted by jetguy35 View Post
    Here's a crazy landing

    Then click the video response after you watch it... the response is someone re-enacting the landing but in flight simulator.

    What a ballsy pilot........a joy to what a 'real' pro in aciton. Thanks for sharing.

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