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Thread: Manual or instructions on using the MCDU in A330

  1. Default Manual or instructions on using the MCDU in A330

    I have the PSS Airbus 330-340 installed. I have not seen instructions on how to use the
    MCDU (Flight computer). Does anyone know where I might find some instructions on
    using the MCDU?

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    Not sure if it was supplied in the package but I use this:

    Half way down the page theres a download link to the MCDU tutorial. You should find this sufficient to help you operate the MCDU.

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    Thanks for the info. I did get some information from that link.

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    the manuals are part of the PSS install.

    under window's start menu look for Pheonix Simulation Software. within this folder is 'A340 professional' and then the 'documentation.' look for the 'systems manual' PDF.

    you can also get to the documents by this pathway -

    {your FS install location}...\Flight Simulator 9\Pss\Airbus A3XX

    there is also the PSS support forum -

    you can search the 'The AIRBUS Forum' as there are many many years of Q&A (yes, it is now locked but fully searchable; you can post new questions at )

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    Hi, D Scobie. Thanks for the reply. The forums help.

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