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Thread: Bill Lyon's Luscombe 8a on Floats - FS98

  1. Default Bill Lyon's Luscombe 8a on Floats - FS98

    If anyone has a copy of Bill Lyon's Luscombe 8a on Floats for FS98 (, I'd appreciate hearing from you. I had to reformat my hard drive, reinstall Win98 from scratch and my backup copy is iffy. This file is the one with the aircraft and the scenery.

    Thanks in advance!

    Christopher Tarana

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    Hi Christopher,

    I've checked my FS98 archives, but unfortunately I don't have it. Sorry !


    AOPA #04634067

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    Thanks Alastair! It will probably be awhile before someone finds a decent
    copy. It takes time for word to get around, even on the internet! I do have
    the aircraft itself, but I don't have the installation file.


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