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Thread: Impressed with 2002!

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    Default Impressed with 2002!

    I only had a few hours to try many of the new features, but what impressed me most was the ability to practice instrument proceedures.
    I flew in IFR conditions on an IFR flight plan from Lancaster airport, to Harrisburg international airport in Pennsylvania. The simulated radar vectors were spot on! I was given an intercept heading for the ILS and was able to fly the approach.

    I flew in the Samara region of Russia as well, and the airport and the Volga river looked much like it did when I visited that area this year.

    I only flew online for a short time, as it seemed that I was one of only a few people to have installed the software today.

    The functions of using the program on a second computer for flight instruction looks great too.

    This was money well spent!

    I did have one lock up on my Pentium 3 1000, with ge-force 2 Ultra, but I am not sure what the cause could be related to.

    So far I am very pleased!

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    I hope that someone will do an add on that will allow you to do something other than ILS. Set the minimums to rock bottom for a non-precision approach, be up in the white fluffy stuff 10 seconds after liftoff and you still get cleared for a visual approach to any airport that doesn't have an ILS

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