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    Am I missing something? I've been a simmer for 7 years but just now getting into a lot of navigation studies. I've been trying to use the ADF. I use FSX but still have FS9 installed too. It seems to work in FS9, but not in FSX and the learning center talks about all these buttons such as on/off/ volume, ant/on, etc. None of my adf buttons are active on the nav radio except for the frequency tuner. I've read as I say the learning center material on the subject and also Anyone got any other thoughts on the subject? Dizz. BTW, do the emails AUTOMATICALLY come to the computer now? We used to have to check it off. If not I'm at [email protected] Thanks

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    On the default radios only the tuning knobs are functional. Dreamfleet aircraft and a few others will simulate the timer and swap frequency functions. At this day in age ADF is on its way out but is interesting to learn from a historic point of view.

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    ADF may be on the way out, but it will be a long time a-coming.

    In Alaska it's still a vital navigation method for getting to remote (often Native) villages in bad weather.

    GPS is a good substitute, but many pilots there can't afford to add the necessary hardware for approach-certified use.

    At one time, there was talk about the FAA and the Feds paying to upgrade the NDB's into VOR's for most of the small communities that can't afford to do it themselves. Has that gone anywhere?

    Learning NDB navigation is a good thing, dizzy. Keep at it.


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    Take a look at this for help with NDB approaches:

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    I was one of 20 FS pilots who flew London (UK) to Melbourne (Australia) this summer - NDB's and DR only allowed - no GPS, no VOR allowed. My flying was mostly in FSX.

    It's a lot of fun and will really improve your navigation skills.

    A component which FS doesn't teach us very well is that you need to know WHERE your aircraft is all the time. Not a picture on a GPS map, but how to follow your aircraft on a real chart, or even just a map.
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    You can learn about ADF/NDB navigation in the Instrument Flying Handbook, available for download as pdf documents here:

    You'll find lots of links to similar information here:

    And I have posted Practice Flights for FS2004 and FSX here:

    Many focus on ADF/NDB procedures.

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    OK See the website must have been talking about real-life planes but didn't write it that way. Thank You.

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    What happens? Does the morse code fade out when you drift away from the correct heading?

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    I took a quick glance at this one and it looks REALLY good. I will try it. The one I mentioned seemed to assume the reader already knew an awful lot. Thanks!

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