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    Boston1949 Guest

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    I was wondering if anyone could give me the basic procedures for setting up the autopilot system (737s,57,77s etc) after takeoff. Between messing with the joystick, mouse, and numerous buttons on the "console", My aircraft climbs like a duck with a bottle rocket attached to one wing! :)

    Eventually (after a few near death plunges towards the ground, I get the auto system to actually "hold" and I'm good to go. Are there simple step by step procedures to iron this out....


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    n214mc Guest

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    Here is what i do. First i set the altitude i want. Then i set the V/S at somthing like 2500 FPS. Then i set the speed to 255. Gps select, and all other things set, but not activated, and when i takeoff and get about 3000 AGL i hit the three activation switches, (autopilt master, autothrottle and flight director)

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    I like to set all the numbers while I'm stopped on the ground. Then as the situation arises I click the HDG HOLD, ALT HOLD, IAS HOLD, ect. I have no idea what the real world standard is though.
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    Boston1949 Guest

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    Appreciaate the help... Thanks

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