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Thread: An Airport Editor for FSX

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    Default An Airport Editor for FSX

    FSX Planner is a new Airport Editor, it will produce "AFCAD" type of files. It is extremely useful in the sense that you can import an background satellite or aerial image in it and build your airport over it.

    It has many, many useful features, get it at

    It is freeware, still in advanced beta, but good support can be found on their Forum.

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    nice-a-roonie... now i'm curious, AFX vs FSXPlanner... Both have what looks like similar code...

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    Default RE: An Airport Editor for FSX

    Then black and white are similar colors to you .......

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    don't be daft... the graphics and all for the parking spaces is exactly the same as AFCAD code and AFX code, the fact that it has Taxiway signs and the way it functions looks almost exactly the same...

    Now unless Lee has licenced his source code to different programmers then it basically does have some similar base code... Just look at the parking nodes <g>
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    Well I think this is a subject that will run and run. I am the developer of Airport Design Editor (my intention is not to hop on the post about FSX Planner which is a very good tool) ADE and FSX Planner have both been developed along side each other over at I can't speak for AFX where the user interface and functionality are very close to AFCAD but I can tell you that FSX Planner is written in Java and ADE in C#. Certainly ADE uses no code from AFCAD and I would put my weeks pay on the fact that there is nothing in FSX Planner either.

    The base code for all three programs is certainly very different. What you are seeing is the end result and obviously you can achieve the same graphical appearance using very different techniques

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    yeah after reading stuff over at avsim the similarities are only in function and end user interface and look...

    code is different as far as everything i've read from all developers...
    Dean Mountford
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    Default RE: An Airport Editor for FSX

    might i be so bold as to tack on a small query re the possibility of adding missing elements to an existing fsx airport? ... referring specifically to missing runway approach lighting (Vasi or Papi ... don't know which) in my oahu scenery (photorealistic by you-know-who)... Runway 22R at PHNL has none and the airfield a few miles west has none on any of its runways ... is there any way to add these items simply? ... as you'll be aware the original SDK had a highly underpromoted object placement tool which might've done the job but the updated SDK doesn't appear to have it ... any help appreciated ... Alan

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    Approach lights, vasi and so on are placed using xml and compiled with BglComp. Thus a tool like FSX Planner can do it for you

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