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Thread: Menu problems in Acceleration

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    I've been reading alot of issues pertaining to the setup and running of Acceleration but none that I can see seem to be having the same problem as I have.

    I can successfully run Acceleration though I have encountered persistant errors during missions particularly when I go to save a mission midway through or go to access any options from the menu tabs during a mission.

    On each occasion the sim will freeze or CTD.

    Anyone out there with similar problems or ways of overcoming this?

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    I have the menu problem too. Anyone else?

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    I had a menu problem. I lost my TOOLS menu, where the Mission building tools are. Turns out there is a new SDK with the Acceleration DVD, when I installed it, my TOOLS menu was back. Apparently Acceleration didnt like the entries in my DLL.XML for the SDK utilities and it was whacking out my menu bar. If I would use any option, like the flight planner or go to an airport, when I tried to exit the sub program, the screen went black and crashed.

    If you installed the sdk and the sp1a update, then install Acceleration you have to install the new SDK. Something to do with version numbers of the FSX.exe and the SDK utilities.

    It also kept lableing them as = 0 in the TRUSTED section of my FSX.CFG, even though I editted them to be = 1.

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    I did not lose any menu item. FSX freezes when I click on "instant replay". It is the menu item I use the most. It also froze once or twice when I clicked on other items.

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    I had the same issue and found it was related to my nvidia card. I have the 8800GTS, 320. Everytime I went to save it would hang up and eventually crash. This is a nvidia issue that as far as I know, has not been fixed. If you have a nvidia video card, what you need to do is go into your control console and turn off the AA. This worked for me and I was able to play the game without freezes. Hope this helps

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    Thanks for the advice, but it doesn't help. I tried change the AA setting in control panel and the game setting. I can still fly to my destination, but cannot use the instant replay.

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