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Thread: display problem in FSX (panning, VC...)

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    Default display problem in FSX (panning, VC...)

    hello guys,
    I had this problem before once, I was able to fix it only by reinstalling FSX (it was easy then because I had no addons installed at that time yet).
    Now, right after I installed the new PMDG 747, the problem is back again (I don't know if it is PMDG-related, may be not)

    Problem description: once in the 2D cockpit, I cannot look left/right etc... can't change views (it doesn't respond to my inputs, keyboard or CHYoke). When in outside view, I can't pan around the aircraft. And when I sellect VC, the view is fixed on the ceiling and I can't do anything about it. And... flickering all the time, flickering, crapining, blicking...

    maybe video-card related. Does it sound familiar to anybody?
    is there a known solution to this ...?

    8800GTS is the card, recent drivers
    6600 C2D

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    Default RE: display problem in FSX (panning, VC...)

    ok it's FSUIPC.

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