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    I bought traffic sounds FSX (Alan Constable),a wonderful addon.Now i am installing all my AI traffic manually : WOAI,FSpainter etc.I also have UT installed.I want to be sure i did the right thing : in all the aircraft.cfg files of my AI airplanes is written "sound= ",so that means that the AI aircraft uses the folder called "sound".In that folder is the alias to the basic FSX airplane sounds.Now "traffic sounds FSX" installs folders called "soundai".They have a sound.cfg pointing to the folder where the new sound files are installed.Now when i want to be sure my AI planes use those new soundai sounds,do i have to rename the folder "soundai" to "sound"?As i see in each aircraft.cfg text,under "fltsim.x",there is written "sound= ",does this mean that the planes still use the old sound.cfg file instead of the new one?I mean : if i put the new soundai.cfg in a folder called "sound",does it read the new sound then?Or does it also read that sound if the folder is called "soundai"?This thing confuses me a bit.I am not sure if i did the right thing and have the right sounds...can someone help me...?



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    From what I can tell, all you need to do is ad the folder "soundai" to each aircraft you are using as ai traffic. FSX seems to know to load the sounds from the soundai folder. Once I installed the main program, I used the "manual instal" program to get the folders needed for each type of aircraft. The manual instal puts the folders on your desktop. Just copy any folder, say "ai_airbus_321" and paste that soundai folder into each aircraft folder you want to use that sound in. It's easy, but a little time consuming if you have alot of AI aircraft. You can even put those in the flyable aircraft folders as well, and those aircraft will use the new ai sounds as wellwhen the flyable aircraft are used as ai. A word of advice, when you run the instal programs and select "manual instal", point the instal to a folder you can find easily, because a couple of the installers misspell "desktop"

    Happy Flying,
    Monica Duerr

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    Default Traffic Sounds

    I am Alan Constable
    Monica has hit it right on the nail, but in the manual install when you locate it,go to the folder "You Choose"
    This will give you all the AI aircraft sound aliases you need to copy into your ai aircraft folders.

    Regars Alan

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