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    Do default FSX Aircraft have a Virtual Cabin, if so how do you get into it? What key command.

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    Hello. No.
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    most of the included models of fsx DON'T have a cabin rendered in 3d.

    there is an addon to be found on fsx download forum in - just look for "camera" etc. . Thsi addon permits you to adjust the viewpoints within your aircraft and so on - but, unless there is a 3d cabin designed, you won't be able to see anything else than just sky behind that cockpit's - cabin's door.

    Look for good payware or good aircrafts on the download site of and you will find aircrafts that have the cabin rendered. I remember that there is an fs9 model of an md83 for Austrian Airlines that had a cabin window above the wing and a rear cabin door - view rendered -
    by pressing the buttons A or shift+A you can skip through the viewpoints inside of the cockpit and, perhaps your aircraft,

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    Yes some of the small prop have a virtual cab. and you can seat on the back too. to move hold the (Ctr+Shift+Num)

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