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    This is really a two part question.

    1 - What is FSUIPC4 and why would I want it? I picked up the iFly 747-400 package on avsim and it has a FSUIPC4 zip file that will need to be installed for the package to work correctly. Before I install it I could use some feedback about any side or adverse effects.
    2 - Anybody tried the iFly 747-400 package yet and if so, got any comments?

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    It is an interface between FS and some third party addons, to put it very simply. Some addons need to "talk" to FS, and FSUIPC facillitates that communication.

    For issues and info on FSUIPC, try here:

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    In addition to what James said above, FSUIPC allows you to set some parameters for aircraft/sim in ways different from what you can do in FS, including setting calibration values for many of your controls. It's been worth it to me.

    To clarify a bit, though, it's the paid for version that allows all the extra flexibility. The free version is strictly for the interface between the sim and certain software, allowing that software to control things that otherwise are difficult or impossible.

    There shouldn't be any side effects.

    Larry N.

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    Thanks for the feedback. I'll give it a shot tonight. The 747's look great.

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