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Thread: FSX rudder problem

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    After a while away from FS, I'm returning and just installed FSX, then SP1. Everything seems ok, except one nagging problem...

    I'm using a CH yoke (no pedals) and Vista Ultimate 32-bit. I had the CH rudder pedals years ago and frankly never liked them. ...I could never get a good feel for the pedals

    Whether on the ground or in air, the rudder surface isn't moving at all? I checked auto-coordination. I also tried CTRL-D for yaw dampen and went from side-to-side with the null zone.

    The elevator, ailorons, spoilers and everything else seems to work fine. I also tried many different stock planes and they all reacted the same whether on the pave or in air.

    One thing I haven't checked is the turn coordinator bubble, which I'll do tonight. Is this a bug? I must be missing something very basic?

    Thanks in advance for the help!

    Best Regards,

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    The yoke will take care of elevators and aerlions but right now you have nothing to control the rudder, other than trim. You need pedals to 'work' the rudder, or you can just get a joy with 'twist' grip.

    I don't think (but it's possible? so I don't know) to have yoke and joy both working (properly) in FSX at same time.
    Chuck B

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    Hi Chuck,
    I *thought* I used to use the yoke with auto-coordination to control both aileron and rudder? Possibly this worked differently in the older FS's?

    ...maybe it's back to a joystick for now


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    Sorry, but I'm still a little confused.

    I just replaced the CH Yoke with a joystick (no twist) and I thought that the joystick would control ailerons and rudder if auto-coordination is on??

    Can anyone confirm this?


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    Yes, my man, it will control them in a '2 minute' TURN. But for flying fast fighter jets, and ESPECIALLY for flying helicopters, you NEED that rudder seperate, and independent (ie: un-coordinated). If you have Nascar (Sim) Racing (for PC) for example, the twist grip joy will allow you to use 'twist' (rudder) for steering.

    The USB twist sticks are not expensive. You can HOT SWAP (ie: no need to power down your PC) USB devices. So switching the ELECTRICAL CONNECTION (ie: don't have to move it physically) between your Yoke and Joy should be a snap. You might hear a 'boing-boing', which in XP letting you know the device has been connected/disconnected. No action required on your part.

    Don't get bogged down with such simple tasks. Talk to your local game shop clerk for tips, etc. Even if you don't buy it (twist grip joy) you can 'look' at it, so as to 'wedge' in a question or two. (Use my head!). Cheers.
    Chuck B

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