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    Default virtual cockpit

    hi guys
    sorry about the newbie question
    i want to add the default 747 virtual cockpit to another 747 that i downloaded. ive copied the whole default 747 panel folder to the newly downloaded one and the virtual cockpit still doesnt show. is there some lines in the aircraft.cfg that i have to add or?

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    The virtual cockpit is part of the aircraft model file, not a separately added file set like the 2D cockpit.

    I've heard that FSX aircraft can be designed with a movable virtual cockpit, but I've not yet come across any so designed.

    Larry N.

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    It IS possible to use the default B737_800_interior.mdl with another exterior model, but ONLY if the exterior model is purpose-built and compiled using the new FSX xtomdl.exe program.

    IOW, you cannot take a FS9 2d only model and combine it with the default 737's interior model.
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    ah ok guys, thanks for the info!

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